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Document Notarization

Document notarization is essential to the transferral of real property and validating legal documents. If you are buying or selling property, a home, land, car, or boat, you’ll become acquainted with document notarization. If you are executing a Will, Power of Attorney, or Registering an Out-of-State vehicle, just to name a few, document notarization will be an important aspect of the process.

Why do I need Notary?

The signing of most legal documents requires that a Notary be present and confirm that:

All Signer’s identities are verified

Signers understand the documents they are signing

Signers are entering into a transaction of their own free will, and not being coerced

What is a Notary Public?

A Florida Notary Public is an “Official of Integrity” commissioned by the office of the Governor of the State of Florida. Notaries are appointed to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.

Sign in the Notary's presence

Wait, don't sign yet!

Florida law considers many documents to be important enough to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

The Notary Public is directly responsible for determining that the person signing is who they state they are, before they sign a document.

So, wait for the Notary to first verify your ID before you sign your documents.

Some Documents That Need Notarization

Don’t worry if you don’t see your document, this is only a partial list.

Adoption Papers

Advanced Health Care Directives

Claim of Lien


Divorce Documents

Loyalty Oaths

Mortgage Documents

Power of Attorney (POA)

Prenuptial Agreement

Self-Proving Will / Codicil

Trusts and Estates

Wills (all types)

Read Carefully: The document to be copied and certified must be an original document, and cannot be a Public Record, or Vital Record. Public Records are documents recorded in a county clerk’s office or held by a government agency and are available for public inspection.

If your document is listed below, a Notary cannot complete a Certified Photocopy of the document.

Birth Certificates

Court Records

Criminal Records, including Wants, Warrants

Death Certificates

Deeds, Mortgages, Related Property Records

Divorce Decrees

Driving Records

Election Records

Licenses, incl: Professional and Business

Marriage Certificates

Missing Persons

Sex Offender Records

Unclaimed Property

Voter Registration

Step Parent Adoption

Affidavit Of Diligent Search

Consent And Waiver By Parent

Relative Caretaker, Prospective Parent

Adult Adoption

Affidavit Of Non-paternity

Grandparent Adoption

VIN Verification

Some owners either don’t have tags on the vehicle, in the case of an antique, or may have a vehicle that they’ve recently resurrected from storage, and are unable to legally drive the vehicle to have it verified. This is where Mobile Notary Tampa comes to the rescue. We’ll travel to the vehicle, verify its VIN number, match it to the one on the HSMV 82042 form, and notarize the form, making the process much simpler for you.

Important: The Notary must be in the physical presence of the vehicle to verify the VIN.

Driving School Attendance Affidavit

If you get a traffic violation and elect to attend a driver improvement course, the related affidavit – in which you commit to attending – must be signed and notarized before returning it to the County Clerk.

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