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Remote Depositions

Remote Witness Oath and Identity Services

Do you have a Witness who is unable to appear and give testimony in person?

Remote Witness Oath and Identity Solution

Telephonic depositions are nothing new. Yet, they still create a speed bump for our justice system because a witness still needs to be positively identified and sworn in before giving testimony, even though they don’t appear in person.

Since the main function of a Notary is to help prevent fraud, and our first step in doing so is to verify a person’s identity, a Notary is an obvious choice for the job of verifying the identity of a witness at a location other than a courtroom. A Notary can also legally take an Oath or Affirmation and can thereby swear in a witness for a telephonic deposition.


Traveling Notary to the Rescue

Mobile Notary Tampa offers a simple Oath and Identity solution. Mobile Notary Tampa will travel to your witnesses’ location, anywhere in Florida, verify the witnesses’ identity and swear them in at the time of your telephonic deposition.

When you contact Mobile Notary Tampa, we will give you an exact quote, based on your witnesses’ location, and that’s all that you’ll pay.

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How Can Mobile Notary Tampa Help You?

We can handle your next remote signing.

The Notary will:

Travel to your Witnesses’ location

Perform identity verification

Swear in your Witness for your telephonic deposition