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Why Use A Notary/Courier?

On a daily basis, a Mobile Notary securely keeps and transports important documents. Who better to trust with your important document delivery. We’ll get your documents across town, securely, and in a timely manner.

Same-day Document Delivery

What do you do when you need to have original documents in someone’s hands on the other side of the County, on the same day, and it’s already late afternoon on Friday? FedEx can’t help you. The best they can do is overnight.

When and How Much?

When you call, we’ll calculate the fee as well as pickup and delivery times while you’re on the phone and give you a total, both over the phone and via email.

Document Delivery
$ 35
  • Includes first 18 Miles
  • 1 Piece (up to 15in. x 12in. x 10in.)
  • Additional Pieces Add $10/piece
  • Miles Over First 18 Add $2.25/mile

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